Compliance is not only a competitive differential, it is a basic requirement to compete with loyalty in the market.


The promotion of integrity is essential to ensure safety, good governance and quality in the results, and to strengthen a culture which is intolerant with corruption.



The fight against corruption in Brazil has triggered legislative initiatives that value the existence of effective Compliance Programs inside of companies. On the one hand, these programs are taken into consideration for the reduction of penalties in the case of convictions of top executives and managers due to corruption crimes. On the other hand, the CGU – Controladoria Geral da União, the new Lei de Licitações n. 14.133/21 (Bid Law) and several state laws demand the existence of integrity programs as a requirement to the companies which want to provide goods and services to the Public Administration.

As one of the benefits of compliance, the prevention of illegal or undesired conducts prevents criminal, civil and administrative liability, as well as reputational damage to the company’s image. However, beyond conformity, we strongly believe that the dissemination of a culture of integrity places organizations in a higher position in the market, in which companies are perceived as propellant agents of the economic, social and technological development, contributing to the construction of a fairer, less aggressive and socially responsible business environment.

The programs are implemented so our clients are able to develop their business activities safely and carry on with their operations in compliance with ethical and regulatory norms, avoiding unnecessary risks and adding value to their reputation in the marketplace and, consequently, to the goods and services they offer.

Our consulting services contemplates the full structuring and also the review of existing Compliance Programs, including:

  • Risk Assessment – Analysis of ethical and regulatory risks involved in the organization activities, according to its size and the reality of the market in which it trades.
  • Structuring of the Compliance System Management – creation of the Ethics Committee and the position of the Compliance Officer, defining its respective attributions.
  • Code of Ethics – Elaboration of a Code of Ethics according to the State and industry regulations and the expectations of their top executives and managers, setting objective, clear and simplified conduct standards.
  • ESG: Companies and Human Rights – the establishing of social and environmental policies in accordance with ESG standards; evaluation and prevention of risks related to the non-discrimination general duty, problems involving harassment, the quality of the workplace and the observance of the obligations arising from labor relations.
  • Relationship with the Public Sector – standardization of protocols for all the activities that require interactions of the company and its top executives and managers or collaborators with public authorities or politically exposed persons.
  • Anti-corruption, Anti-money laundering and Anti-bribery Policies – strict integrity guidelines to protect the company and its leaders against criminal practices and administrative infringements. The existence of effective Compliance Programs is also taken into consideration to reduce convictions involving the company and/or its top executives and managers.
  • Gifts and Hospitality Policies – establishing of criteria to avoid situations of improper advantage and internal anti-bribery standards.
  • Measures for data protection, information and communications, personal data and respect to privacy.
  • Crisis Management and Response Plans – integration of protocols employed in the crisis management, guiding the relationship with investors, partners, suppliers, the media and the consumer market.
  • Training Policy – methodology to ensure that trainings in compliance are incorporated in a systematic way in the company, meeting the revision requirements and regular updates, reaching leaders and collaborators, in addition to the specific target market for each area.
  • In-Company Trainings
  • Reporting Channel / Hotlines – counseling for the implementation of the whistleblowing policy and anti-retaliation rules.
  • Internal Investigation Protocols.
  • Due Diligence / Screening – counseling for the implementation of a check system of suppliers and partners (integrity audit), so they can join the integrity program of the company.
  • Compliance Officer Desk – permanent consulting channel readily to assist the Compliance Officer to clarify doubts and provide orientations regarding internal investigation procedures and the enforcement of the sanctions prescribed in the Code of Ethics.

Recognized expertise in Corporate Law, contracts, family and international business, delivering innovative solutions in complex cases.


  • Focus on the client, understanding their legal and business goals and putting their needs always in first place;
  • Recognized expertise in the regional market regarding family companies, corporate law and international businesses;
  • Effective new solutions to complex cases;
  • Assistance in a wide range of legal, consulting and business matters;
  • Strategic approach to problems and negotiations;
  • Ability to see the big picture;
  • Concern to avoid litigation, proactively resolving and preventing problems;
  • Understanding the impact of legal decisions in operational processes of companies;
  • Legal advice to companies and/or their internal legal departments;
  • Mediation and consultancy to family businesses and/or entrepreneurial families;
  • Lawyers with national and foreign experience, financial, accounting and business skills, working in-company and participation on advisory boards, boards of directors and audit committees;
  • IFRL1000 2016, The Legal 500 Latin America 2015 and Chambers & Partners 2015.

High performance in complex conflict solutions (Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Court Litigation) with the best cost-effectiveness to the client..


  • Experience since 1956, with successful track record in proceedings before Court throughout Brazil;
  • Tailor-made practice and performance in highly complex cases with special expertise in corporate demands, consumer class actions, banking and judicial recoveries;
  • Working in synergy with all others areas of expertise of the firm;
  • Strategic advice closely linked to the cost-benefit analysis, according to the client’s business, for effective and permanent solutions;
  • Emphasis on prevention and rapid dispute resolution, with specialized lawyers to act in negotiation, mediation and in search for extrajudicial solutions;
  • Pioneer in working with arbitral procedures and legal opinions concerning arbitration in South Brazil;
  • Integrated action with legal departments for management solutions;
  • Development of tools and techniques on digital platforms for the efficient information management of clients litigation;
  • Ethics and absolute trustworthiness.

Over twenty years of international experience in Intellectual Property and Digital Law. Pioneer Office and Reference in protecting the Companies on the Internet and online disputes.


  • Highly specialized in the protection of intangible assets in digital medias; 
  • Recognition by Chambers & Partners as one of the main offices in the country in Intellectual Property, having Mr. Rodrigo Azevedo as a Leading Professional in Global and Latin America;
  • Lawyers with international education, including USA, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Argentina;
  • Pioneer in Digital Law practice in Brazil, providing solutions regarding domain names recovery, presentation and project approval concerning new extension of domain names (gTLDs), fake profile cancelation, frauds and illicit content in digital medias, Trademark Clearinghouse and compliance measures for companies and banks (including the Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights);
  • Administrative area prepared to meet all kinds of records for the protection of intangible assets in Brazil and in more than 100 countries;
  • Support in the most advanced technologies available for records and management of processes, including tools for monitoring and combating Internet fraud;
  • Negotiating approach, aimed at preventing litigation, with extensive experience in alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation;
  • Multidisciplinary support: full-service office;
  • CLIENTS VISION: “The lawyers have great technical knowledge and provide us with prompt service, which inspires confidence”. Chambers Latin America 2015.

Over 30 years of experience in planning and tax advice, as well as acting in administrative and judicial proceedings, especially in highly complex cases.


  • Experience since 1983 with providing tax advisory and handling cases before courts at all levels (judicial), as well as before the tax authority (administrative) – also presenting briefs and verbal pleadings;
  • Tax planning for business and corporate transactions (joint ventures, M&A, incorporations, among others);
  • Tax strategic management in order to minimize the tax burden for companies or for specific business activity, analyzing the balance between cost and benefit, including preventive advisory;
  • Specialized tax consultancy regarding the major Brazilian taxes (IRPJ, CSLL, PIS, COFINS, ISSQN, ICMS and IPI);
  • Close cooperation by accountancy and auditing experts;
  • Tailor-made practice in administrative and court litigation;
  • Vast successful track-record concerning accountancy and tax revision;
  • Special experience with practicing before CARF, TARF and TART (the highest Brazilian Tax Authority and Administrative Decision Boards in RS and Porto Alegre);
  • Practicing with highly complex cases;
  • Expertise in structuring tax payment through installments (REFIS in particular).

Team with large experience in the public sector and high success rate in judicial judicial lawsuits and administrative proceedings, and also before Audit Courts.


  • Lawyers with extensive experience with the public administration, also relying on the professional background of a team member who has occupied a position as General Attorney and Chief of the Staff of RS;
  • Track record of over 80% of success rate in administrative proceedings, including punitive cases, and 85% in court cases;
  • Team with large expertise and great track record in cases before Audit Court;
  • Team worked on major cases in South Brazil concerning acts of wrongdoing in public offices;
  • Strategic advice, proposing cost-effective legal solutions focused on risk reduction for companies with close relations with the public administration;
  • Lawyers have consistent theoretical education (at Masters and Ph.D. levels) and practical experience in all matters related to regulation and antitrust, including notification of M&A acts before CADE and administrative proceedings regarding potential violations of the economic order;
  • Specialized Lawyers in advising foreign companies, guiding them in their relations with the public administration, including bids and administrative contracts;
  • Extensive expertise in the information technology sector and for this specific topic a partner has received the SEAE/CADE award;
  • Experience in public-private partnerships and negotiations and agreements related to the use of public goods.

Consolidated expertise in advising on individual and collective labor contracts, as well as in judicial and administrative litigation.


  • Long experience with advising and drafting individual and collective employment contracts, as well as with consultancy regarding individual and collective agreements and collective negotiations;
  • Working with preventive advisory and administrative and judicial litigation, in all court levels;
  • The head of the department has over 20 years of experience, advocating for large companies in several industry sectors, including clothing, retail sales of furniture and appliances, billing assistance, the beverage industry and ceramics;
  • The team is highly specialized in Employment and Labor Law, with strong academic background from the best universities of Southern Brazil (PUCRS and UFRGS);
  • Personalized, tailor-made services, also when dealing with a large number of cases;
  • The lawyers have focus on client’s interest, going through a detailed analysis when handling cases;
  • Full-time availability to serve our clients, including out of working hours;
  • The practice relies on medical, account and other experts who work directly with the office in order to provide the best and most personalized service;
  • Expertise in Sport Law and employment contracts for athletes, also assisted by the controller from the South Brazilian Football Association’s Sport Law Court;
  • Long track record in carrying out due diligences and evaluation of labor debts/risks and responsibilities.

Over half a century of experience, high academic education and personalized services, working in synergy with other areas of Law.


  • Highly specialized lawyers with strong academic background and vast experience;
  • Personalized service, with focus on preventing litigation and strategic advice to extrajudicial conflict resolutions;
  • Over 50 years of experience with all sorts of claims related to the area, such as judicial and extrajudicial divorces, recognition and dissolution of stable unions, alimony, child support, concubinage, interdiction, guard, guest regulation, affiliation, adoption, paternity investigation, guardianship and trusteeship, judicial and extrajudicial inventories;
  • Succession planning (will and donation) customized to the peculiarities of each case, taking into account all the aspects involved, such as tax costs, corporate matters, among others;
  • Advice on developing prenuptial contracts;
  • Office support from specialized professionals in other areas of Law such as Corporate, Tax, Litigation and Labor, providing customers with global solutions to their demands.

Multidisciplinary team of professionals with academic expertise and extensive experience in corporate restructuring and bankruptcy.

  • Strategic and business vision to advise our clients in order to seek legal, financial and economic alternatives before the Judicial Reorganization and Bankruptcy Law (Law no. 11.101/05) to overcome the state of crisis and insolvency, allowing the recovery of the company;
  • Legal assistance in the conduct of judicial recovery proceedings and insolvency throughout the country;
  • Assistance in Turnaround, with corporate reorganization of companies in crisis, restructuring of its debts and renegotiation with its stakeholders, including trade unions, financial institutions and suppliers;
  • Protection of interests of creditors and recovering their claims on companies in judicial reorganization or bankruptcy, with the adoption of legal action against the principal debtor and their obligors, not only for recovery of the claim, but also aiming at its preservation;
  • Advising to the creditors in tracking business assets in a state of insolvency (Asset Tracing);
  • Legal advice to investors in the acquisition of assets or production units of companies in reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings (Distressed Assets);
  • Representation before committees and meetings of creditors;
  • Legal Administration, counting on staff and structure capable of meeting management judicial reorganization proceedings and bankruptcy.

Team with experience in setting strategy for defense of large size consumers litigations.


  • Experts with solid experience in consumer litigations, including class actions involving retail, financial and automotive sectors, services and products for construction, shopping center and real estate matters;
  • Over 25 large class actions, with a successful track record of 90%; 80% of success rate in other court cases;
  • Practice focusing on the particularities of each situation and the managerial strategic assessment of long-term and customer value, including search composition, in order to minimize the number of disputes;
  • Mapping and acting in litigation throughout the country, with a view to identifying critical points, the main causes, risks and best estimate for provisions, providing complete information for strategic decision making by clients;
  • Team of experts focused on preventive action and conflict mediation.

Legal and business solutions to real estate transactions throughout the country.

  • Concrete experience in real estate transactions across the country, delivering services to large, multinational and foreign companies;
  • Special expertise in due diligence; regularization of ownership; land tenure system; acquisition of real estate by foreigners; commercial leases; built to suit, sale and lease-back, surface rights; and property exchanges;
  • Large knowledge of the real estate market and the practices of many states and municipalities;
  • Team with additional training in Business Contracts, Litigation, Strategic Negotiations and Conflict Management, providing opportunities for real gains in customer agreements;
  • Global service provided, in synergy with specialized areas such as Corporate, Environmental, Paralegal, Litigation, Tax, Administrative and Family Law.
  • Strategic advice closely linked to the cost-benefit analysis, according to the client’s business, for effective and permanent solutions;
  • Solution for large volumes of documentation and demands of contractual arrangements and notifications.