Excellence and reliability in legal and business solutions, exceeding clients’ expectations with skilled and committed professionals.


  • Absolute ethics and trustworthiness;
  • Unremitting dedication to our clients;
  • Culture of searching deeply for the cause of problems;
  • Rapid, enduring and lower-cost legal solutions;
  • Integrated professionals who participate in the Firm’s results, assuring its growth and continuity;
  • Social responsibility as retribution to the community.


The history of Silveiro Advogados, a traditional Law Firm in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil, begun in Porto Alegre over half a century ago with its founder João Carlos Silveiro, to whom Law was a vocation since an early age.

The dream of growing and still keeping the person-to-person approach, therefore making each client feel unique, helped to consolidate a team of professionals committed to a culture of deeply searching for solutions as well as always placing clients’ interests first.

Solid principles and long experience put to practice in all legal fields have been added to a visionary yearn for perfection. Silveiro Advogados carefully listens to each client, thoroughly analyzing, researching and debating each case in search of the best solution, in which three items are decisive: selfless dedication, flexibility and lower cost to the client.

Contributing to improve the life quality of the community is also an important aspect of Silveiro Advogados philosophy. The Firm volunteers in the constitution of important NGOs that are promoting a silent social revolution by improving the lives of thousands of citizens.

Today, counting on over 140 professionals, Silveiro Advogados is constantly expanding through national and international partnerships with some of the most important offices in the country, which gives us global expertise and capacity to provide expert service to any customer’s need and in any legal and economic scenario.

The technical team consists of more than 55 lawyers with degrees in Brazil and abroad, working in targeted areas, but in perfect synergy in the search for integrated solutions. Most professionals began their careers as trainees and gradually built their training within “Silveiro’s culture”, which is based on half a century of experience.

The trainees, after going through a careful and competitive selection process, have ample opportunity to learn and follow the legal routines and conditions for professional growth through a career plan that values performance and broad personal and academic development.

With strong growth, especially in recent years, Silveiro Advogados counts on experienced professionals with higher education also in administrative and financial areas, all of whom are fully engaged in offering differentiated support to the achievement of the Firm’s results.

The facilities, with more than 1,000 m2, offer infrastructure with several meeting rooms and a library consisting of more than four thousand works registered in automated search software.

Silveiro Advogados runs permanent investments in technology, enabling all professionals to share resources and information through network, with online access to the country’s courts to monitor and daily check the ongoing of the procedures and suits.

The Integrated Management System, developed especially for law firms, provides complete automation of routines.


“We are convinced that the best results are associated with the strength with which we go deep into the cause of our customers’ problems.”


João Carlos Silveiro – in memoriam (1933 – 2015)

An old dream of mine came true when, in March 1951, at the age of 17, I entered the Law School of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). The following month I began an internship in a Law firm. Law firms have been my world since then. In 1956, Silveiro Advogados, a Law Firm which is now over half a century old, was founded.

I have been deeply committed to my profession ever since. Even when I taught Financial Law or was a Judge in a Federal Court or else when I worked as a director of a financial institution, also being a Board Member to private companies and NGOs, never did I leave, not even for a single  day, my activities as a militant lawyer.

Such a long time of service in the same area offered me valuable lessons. I have learned that Lawyering goes far beyond legal knowledge and the mere judicial and extrajudicial defense. I see a lawyer as the client’s unrestricted advisor, someone heedful of the client’s words as well as his or her actual issues, even the psychological ones, which may at times go unnoticed to most.

A Lawyer is also an agent promoting social peace by examining the other party’s reasons, composing a deal before matters are taken to the overwhelmed courts. Additionally, a Lawyer functions as an instrument for the Nation’s economic development, providing business people with the legal safety needed to make their businesses soar.

I believe that this is the only way through which Lawyers can make the most of their mission. It is this understanding that appears to me as the actual differential I’ve ceaselessly tried to imprint to Silveiro Advogados’ culture, which has been kept and improved by the partners that have joined us over time.

Porto Alegre, June 2004